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High quality and competitively priced wood flooring solutions; hardwood and engineered flooring. We help improve the value of your home with quality hardwood flooring.

Is Hardwood Flooring Right For Your Home?

Hardwood flooring will never go out of style! It’s timeless, classic, bold, and beautiful. When treated and maintained well, it proves to be a long-lasting flooring choice. Hardwood flooring can add tons of value to your home. Hardwood goes beyond a trend, it -lasting flooring choice. Hardwood has been a popular flooring choice for years and will continue to a desired floor covering for many homeowners.

Solid Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood flooring

Because of its thickness and durability, hardwood floors have a nice deep sound to it when walking on it. Hardwood floors can last a lifetime and in some cases can be sanded and refinished, which allows you to get its fullest value. It can also help to retain the glow and natural beauty.

The recommended installation for these types of boards are a fix or permanent fix to the subfloor. This would mean either fully gluing the board to your sub floor whether it is concrete or sheet floor or nailing at an angle through the tongues to fix to the subfloor. 

Classic Hardwood Floors

What type of hardwood flooring best suits your dream? In our flooring store we have a wide range of wood floor options, wood species and flooring offers.


Oak Plank Flooring

White Oak Plank

White Oak Plank Flooring

Red Oak Plank

Red Oak Plank Flooring


Walnut Wood Flooring


Herringbone Wood Flooring


Ash Hardwood Flooring

Popular Wood Floors

Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

Unfinished Hardwood

Unfinished hardwood can be stained to match the existing floors in adjacent floors. It’s like having your own customized color and texture.

Handscraped Hardwood Floors

Handscraped Hardwood

Handscraped hardwood gives the “aged” look of a rustic cabin or old-time warmth. The process is done by hand and recommended to be executed by an experienced woodworker.

Wide-Plank Solid Hardwood Flooring

Wide-Plank Flooring

Wide plank flooring is much wider than the typical range of hardwood flooring width range of 2 ½” to 4”. Wide plank flooring ranges from 6” up to 20” in width.

Shades, Stains & Colors


Oak wood flooring


White Oak Wood Flooring


Black Oak Hardwood Flooring

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    What is the difference between solid wood floors and engineered?

    Although both flooring types are made from wood, the two are very different. Solid hardwood floors are, as the name implies, solid; made from a single piece of wood. Engineered hardwood is constructed from multiple layers and generally less expensive in material cost.

    Solid Hardwood… the real thing!

    Must be nailed down to a plywood subfloor. Best for new construction, conventional foundations or floors with pre-existing plywood subfloor.

    • Natural beauty that can last longer than any other floor & increases property value.
    • Solid hardwood lasts for so long because it can be resurfaced, restored, recolored.
    • Can be installed unfinished and matched to existing hardwood floors in adjacent rooms
    • Requires a plywood subfloor so its best new construction & conventional foundations.
    Solid Hardwood Floor
    Engineered Hardwood Floor

    Engineered Hardwood… Not The Real Thing

    Engineered Hardwood Flooring is made with layers of ply and a top layer of wood veneer. All layers are held together with glue and are extremely sturdy.

    • More resistant to moisture than solid hardwood.
    • Does not require a subfloor. Can be installed directly to concrete
    • More flexible installation options. Can be installed by nail down, glue or float. Can be installed in more places than solid hardwood like basements, for example. 
    • Can’t be refinished, resurfaced or recolored.
    Hardwood Floor Installation

    Where can hardwood floors be installed?


    Hardwood floor must be nailed down into a wood subfloor. This is generally a Plywood is generally used for subflooring.


    Depending on the spacing of your joists, the subfloor should be a minimum of ⅝” thick for joists 16” apart and thicker the further apart the joists are. Check flooring industry guidelines for full details.


    Subfloor must be dry with a moisture level less than 12%.

    How is a hardwood floor maintained?

    If your hardwood floor is lacquered:

    1. Always: Use furniture pads to avoid scratching your wood floors
    2. Never: Leave spills on the floor, clean them immediately
    3. Daily: Sweep/Dust
    4. Weekly: Vacuum
    5. Monthly: Use wood floor cleaner
    6. 3-5 Years: Refinish your floors

    If your hardwood floor is oiled:

    1. Always: Use furniture pads to avoid scratching your wood floors
    2. Never: Leave spills on the floor, clean them immediately
    3. Daily: Sweep/Dust
    4. Weekly: Vacuum
    5. Monthly: Use wood floor cleaner
    6. 3-5 Years: Refinish your floors