What it’s Like to Work With Flooring Solutions

Selecting the right flooring company for your project can be daunting. What if the company you’ve been considering for a long time doesn’t seem like a good fit anymore? Maybe you chose a company based on your budget, but the industry recently placed a price increase on that specific flooring. Not feeling confident in your flooring store can leave you feeling defeated if you don’t have a backup plan or know who to turn to next. 

Flooring Solutions has been in the flooring industry for nearly 15 years, allowing us to learn from our mistakes and focus on what we do well. We began genuinely listening to our clients and what they needed and desired from a flooring company. This experience has given us insight into how we can make our company one of the top flooring companies in Memphis and be a valuable flooring provider for you.

Flooring Solutions’ focuses on residential home renovations and new construction homes. So if you are remodeling your existing home or building a brand new one, we may be an excellent choice. We can help bring out your style and help you select flooring that you will love for years to come, and you can rest assured that you’re working with a flooring store and company you can trust.

Ultimately who you work with is a choice that belongs solely to you. Here we explain everything you need to know about us, including the benefits… and the drawbacks. You deserve transparency; we are here to provide you with just that. This way, you are armed with all the information you need to make the right choice for you and your home.

The Benefits of Working With Flooring Solutions:

1. We work with a core group of people.

We’re not just a random flooring store that knows nothing about its employees. Flooring Solutions can support up to 40-50 families from our employees alone because we focus on retaining our staff. We have such low turnover because we genuinely care for our employees. (link to about us employee page)

2. You get to work with our dedicated group of installers.

Some of our installation crews have been working alongside us for nearly 15 years, and we know first-hand their expertise levels and who is best for what type of flooring. You don’t have to worry about purchasing your flooring and scrambling to find a different person to install them. By working with Flooring Solutions, you gain access to our dedicated group of installers.

3. We have loyal distributors & manufacturers.

Our industry and product-specific distributors are vital to our flooring store. Working with exclusive manufacturers allows us to bring special pricing and promotions to our clients and products they may need access to using a big-box store.

4. Flooring gets 100% of our efforts.

We understand it can be beneficial to shop at stores where you can view multiple products, like flooring, cabinets, lighting, and more, all in one place. Though at Flooring Solutions, we focus on flooring, and it gets 100% of our efforts, meaning we can give the utmost personalized suggestions, ensuring you’re satisfied with your flooring choice.

5. You get to work with a locally owned and operated business.

We have been a locally-owned business in Memphis, TN., for nearly 15 years! We take pride in this, as we are deeply connected to our community and invested in its success. As a local business, we can be flexible and more attentive to our clients. This means we can also focus on building relationships with our clients and our local community.

The Drawbacks to Working With Flooring Solutions

1. Flooring Solutions focuses on providing quality products.

This can sometimes be a hindrance to specific lower budgets. If you want to purchase flooring at a highly discounted price, we may not be the best fit for you.

2. We don’t cut corners.

Our installation crews are experts in their field and want to do what’s right. If you have subfloor issues, or if they detect moisture that could become a concern, they bring it to our attention so we can correct them before installing. This can sometimes be a hindrance if you’re on a tight timeline. These additional solutions can also impact the cost and become a hindrance if on a tight budget.

You Have Access to a Convenient and Local Flooring Showroom. 


Having a dedicated showroom is convenient for both our company and our homeowners. A brick-and-mortar location tells you that we have gone through the process of building a storefront that is strategically designed and curated with you in mind. Our showroom is a safe place for people in the Tri-State region for a personalized floor-shopping experience. 

We are aware that you have many products to browse at your big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes. If you’ve been shopping online and see something in stock, driving to your local box store to purchase can be very convenient. So what’s the difference? Flooring Solutions has a mission to make your shopping experience more personal. We know the importance of selecting suitable flooring options for your home and have dedicated team members to help you. 

At your big box stores, you may find it challenging to find a flooring specialist vs. somebody who might be in the flooring department because they’re short-staffed, or it could even be their first day. Not only do we have flooring experts, we have a design team dedicated to helping you select the right colors and styles for your home.

Visit Our Showroom

How Do We Help You Select The Right Flooring Option?

  • Selecting a product online. 
  • Bringing in essential items like cabinet color & wall paint.
  • Request a sample from our store.

You Have Access to a Mobile Flooring Showroom.

The mobile showroom is just that – mobile! You may have seen our Flooring Solutions vans driving around the city. We don’t just use them for advertising or brand awareness; they help our Flooring Specialists by being accessible and efficient.

1. We bring all flooring options to your home.