Why Choose Flooring Solutions: Overcoming Challenges & Building Trust

“Why should we choose you over another flooring company?” It’s a question that deserves an honest and upfront response. When it comes to selecting new floors and partnering with a flooring company, customers often face numerous challenges and uncertainties along the way. As a locally owned & operated flooring company, we understand the importance of addressing this because what matters to our clients, truly matters to us!

We believe in tackling these obstacles head-on and delivering a client experience that goes above and beyond the norm. In this article, we are all about transparency, shedding light on the deficiencies that exist in the flooring industry, how our team overcomes these challenges, and why entrusting your flooring project to our company is a good decision.

Get ready to discover the secrets behind our trustworthiness, reliability, and the unrivaled value we bring to every flooring endeavor. Let’s delve into a world where customer satisfaction reigns supreme and where choosing Flooring Solutions means choosing a flooring partner that truly understands and caters to your needs.

We Embrace Flooring Industry Challenges:

In the flooring industry, issues are inevitable during a project. We acknowledge this reality and understand the frustrations that customers may face. These challenges may look something like this:

  1. Material selection: Choosing the right flooring can be overwhelming; we are not afraid to admit that. So how do we get over such a tricky process? Our own internal process built into it is what helps us. Our design and flooring specialist staff are trained in digging deeper into your lifestyle, preferences, and needs. We ask you the tough questions about your cleaning routines, your pets – and their pesky accidents – and how rough you are on your existing floors. We weigh the pros & cons of multiple flooring choices to ensure you get what you need and it looks beautiful in the process! This is the level of service you do not receive at big box stores like Home Depot & Lowes. However, though a big box store cannot offer the same level of service that we do, they undeniably serve a valuable purpose in the home improvement industry, and we recognize that!
  2. Time constraints: While some of this is outside of our control, like shipping and product manufacturing, we work with reliable manufacturers to ensure this is as minimal as possible. If we start to see issues in delivery & manufacturing times, we get ahead of it by either redirecting our customers to another product or communicating on the front end. We are upfront about unexpected delays. We believe in setting realistic expectations and providing honest updates, allowing you to make informed decisions about your timeline and schedule.
  3. Installation complications: While most “complications” are that clients often ask us to fix other companies’ work, we know that not every project will go perfectly. What if we find unexpected subfloor issues? Or do you now have gaps under your doors because your new floors are shorter than your old ones? Installation challenges will always be a “thing” in the industry.” Still, we overcome them by working closely with our project management teams and precisely measuring and consulting with you on the front end of your project. If we foresee potential installation challenges, we will not gloss over them and “hope for the best.” No matter which of these issues you face, what truly matters is how these challenges are resolved.