If millennials have proven one thing, they are a force to be reckoned with as their use of technology and love for design grows. For beloved sites like Pinterest, HGTV, and Instagram, millennials are able to “design” their dream-homes like never before. Realtor.com estimates roughly 4.8 million millennials became homeowners over the last year. There’s sure to be tons of remodeling in the future!

So what does the typical millennial homebuyer look for in flooring? We are seeing a huge increase and trend in Tile floors, with Hardwood following closely behind. This might seem like an obvious choice, as they are classic styles, however the Vinyl plank flooring trend ruled the market for quite some time. It’s waterproofing, ease of installation, and affordability played a key role in making it so popular. But with most things, the classics came back to play.

Why is Tile becoming so popular again?

Tile is extremely eco friendly. Most tiles are sourced and formed with recyclable products from start to finish. According to Shaw Floors, residue leftover from sanding and scraping of tile is used to form brand new tiles as well. Post consumer glass scraps are used to make house-hold glass containers. After seeing the effects that industrialization has on our beloved Earth, millennials feel somewhat responsible, like it’s their duty to try and turn it around. The goals is always zero waste living. In order to do that, sustainability is key. Tile provides that option! We are loving what Designer Maggie Clarke is doing right now with tile for her clients.

Is Tile a more affordable option?

Tile is not as simple to install as a vinyl or laminate, that can be easier snapped together. Because of that, more materials are needed to perform the installation. Such as thin-set, grout and often times an underlayment called Ditra that we have access to from our vendor Schluter. With that said, tile itself can be very affordable, with options ranging from low $1 per foot. Ceramic tile tends to be less expensive than porcelain due to its manufacturing process, but we see all budget types able to find affordable tiles. We are definitely seeing more new construction homes with the classic tile in kitchen and foyers – where as for past trends, we were seeing water resistant woods. Regency Homes is a beloved Tennessee construction company known for their stunning custom-built homes. We love how they incorporate tile in all areas of their homes!

Popular Designs and Styles

One reason tile is so popular is the many ways you can lay it on the floor. It can create some really fun patterns that express how unique you and your home are. Some of the most popular ways to lay tile are Straight Lay, Herringbone, and brick joint pattern. You see straight lay in many homes to create a large expansive look. Herringbone is very popular in Foyer’s, especially if the tile leads into a wood look. Brick joint pattern is used often for rectangular shaped tiles, such as 12×24 inches. Along with laying tile in many different ways, so many styles are also trending. Such as Artisan tile work, nature inspired wood looks, and retro concrete options. Ann Sacks is a designer who is all about tile, and knows how to use it! She is definitely a designer we pull inspiration from! Our design consultants are always staying atop trends and popular styles!

Tile Flooring is an investment that you can enjoy for many years to come. We hope you found some inspiration to start your tile project you’ve been thinking of. If you are in the Memphis Tri-State area and would like to use our design and installation services, please leave your name and contact email below so we can reach out to you!