Top 3 Problems With Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

The options can be overwhelming when selecting the best flooring for your home. You may start your research by searching the internet, hoping to find a wealth of information to help guide your decision-making process. However, you may quickly find yourself drowning in contradictory advice, biased reviews, and sales pitches that tend to leave out the crucial details, a.k.a, the “problems” of certain products. Trying to find the problems of luxury vinyl plank flooring may be challenging.

How can you be aware of the potential challenges you might face with LVP if they’re nowhere to be found online? What if you can’t find reliable information that is relevant to your needs?

Flooring Solutions has been in the flooring industry for nearly 15 years, and we’d be lying if we said every flooring product was perfect for everyone. Throughout the years, we’ve encountered pros and cons to countless products, some of which are most popular today. While each product has its pros and cons, we feel it’s crucial for you and other homeowners to have a real understanding of potential problems you might encounter in your vinyl flooring project, as these facts will help you navigate your options smoothly. 

Most articles on the internet try to mask issues with their products, not knowing they turn homeowners away. Transparency is something we value at Flooring Solutions, so that is what we intend to be for you. After all, flooring is a significant purchase, and we want you to get it right!

What is Luxury Vinyl Plank?

Luxury vinyl plank flooring (LVP) is a type that mimics the look of natural hardwood flooring but is made from layers of natural and synthetic materials.


luxury vinyl plank

The top layer is a printed design that can resemble different types of wood so you may want a rustic floor or a more traditional floor –  there are many options to fit your preferences. It is covered with a wear layer that protects against scratches and scuffs. LVP is available in various sizes, thicknesses, and colors, making it a versatile flooring option for many spaces.

LVP has become increasingly popular due to its durability, affordability, and low maintenance. You can install LVP in various settings, including residential and commercial spaces. Some of the most common places LVP is installed include:

  1. Residential homes
  2. Light commercial spaces
  3. Hotels
  4. Educational facilities
  5. Light healthcare facilities 

In any location you choose to install vinyl flooring, you are prone to run into the common problems. But the solutions are what matter most, so let’s dive in!

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