Fall is a time for pumpkin spice, scarves, and exploring all the beautiful hues that nature has to offer. And while you might be tempted to show off these gorgeous colors by decorating with them (or at least arranging your furniture so that it’s still visible from the living room), why not bring in some fall decor that’s all about staying warm and cozy? That’s right, we’re talking about mantles. Mantles are one of my favorite parts of any home, but especially when they’re decked out for fall! Here are some easy ways you can spruce up your mantle this season:

Add Focal Points

Adding in focal points to a spring mantle is a huge trend we are loving this year! So how can you add a focal point, and what items should you use?
Using elements such as wreaths and foliage are a smart and cost effective focal point. Wreaths not only fill space with lushy green leaves, they also are charming and soft against a neutral background. Another lovely thing that wreaths provide is a “romantic” feel. 2022 is all about “romancing your life” and really using pieces that actually speak to you. You can even create a wreath with simply your plants and stems from your own backyard. Simple and sweet, this inexpensive wreath creation is sure to charm!

Anchor With A Vase of Flowers

The right vase can anchor your mantle and draw attention to the flowers. The vase should be proportional to the mantle, so make sure it’s large enough for your flowers, but not so large that it dwarfs them. It should also be a good size relative to the flower arrangement in the vase—it doesn’t need to be huge, but if you have extremely long stems of roses or hydrangeas, go ahead and use something bigger than a small glass pitcher.

If you want to get creative with your own DIY project, try using an old bowl or serving dish as your pottery—these pieces tend to look better on a mantle than something a little more basic. If you’re feeling fancy (or if money’s no object), try using an antique urn or other piece of decorative porcelain!

Fall Foilage

Foilage and greenery is a great way to add some color, texture and liveliness to your mantle. It feels so natural, using leaves and natural elements you can find in your backyard. You can use it as a conversation piece or centerpiece, or even hang it from the mantel like a garland!

For example, here are some fall plants that look great when used in vases:

Cranberry bouffant
Firecracker penstemon

If you want to use bold colors, you can focus on deep orange, red and yellows. If you want a subtle color, use neutrals and even whites for flowers.