Your New Flooring Is Installed: What Comes Next?

Congratulations on the successful installation of your new flooring! Whatever type of flooring you’ve chosen, one thing is for sure: you’ve made a significant investment in your home. One that you should feel proud of.

But now that the installation is complete, you may be asking, “Now what?” Don’t worry; you’re not alone! At Flooring Solutions, we understand that navigating the post-installation phase can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to be your trusted resource and guide you through the next steps.

In this article, we’ll delve into the essential aspects of what comes next after your new flooring is installed. Whether you’re a first-time flooring owner or a seasoned homeowner looking to brush up on the latest best practices, this is the go-to resource you’ve been searching for.

What to Expect If You’ve Installed Carpet Flooring:

After the installation, it’s common to experience loose fibers that may require multiple rounds of vacuuming to eliminate. Take the time to reconnect any electronics, reassemble beds, and carefully return any furniture or items temporarily moved during installation.

To fully understand how to care for your carpet, visit the manufacturer’s website and review the warranty information, paying close attention to regular maintenance requirements and recommended carpet cleaning practices. For professional cleaning services, we highly recommend partnering with PSH Cleaning Company, who we’ve entrusted countless clients to.

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What to Do If You’ve Installed Hardwood, Laminate, LVP, or Floor Tile:

For hard surface flooring, conducting a light cleanup is important to remove any residual dust that may have accumulated during the installation. Consider changing the HVAC filters, as construction work can generate additional dust in your home. Remove any tape or plastic covering from your new hardwood floors and take extra care if your hardwood flooring is in contact with an exterior door.

We recommend consulting Memphis Door for the potential installation of a new exterior threshold to ensure proper sealing. If you have opted for glue-down hardwood, be mindful of restricted foot traffic until the adhesive sets. Familiarize yourself with the maintenance and cleaning guidelines in your warranty and download a copy for future reference.

What to Consider If You’ve Had Bathroom Renovations and Wall Tile:

After completing bathroom renovations and wall tile installations, it is generally recommended to repaint the entire room. This step is often necessary due to touch-ups and painting requirements resulting from the demolition process. Depending on the scope of your project, you may also need to coordinate with a plumber and electrician for any necessary adjustments or installations.

What to Keep in Mind If You’ve Remodeled Your Fireplace or Backsplash Tile:

Similar to bathroom renovations and wall tile installations, fireplace and backsplash remodels may require repainting of the surrounding areas. Take into account the need for touch-ups, drywall repairs, and repainting to ensure a cohesive and polished look.