Introducing 2021 Interior Design Trends

Large format tiles

Large Tiles are starting to be selected over smaller right now. We LOVE this trend because it gives bold, clean lines across the floor. You can really get a sense of the tile design, especially a very detailed tile, when it’s in a large format like this. We’re seeing a lot of 20×20 and bigger, especially in your open floor plan homes. An ever-popular size continues to be 12×24, but we’re excited to see larger tiles featured in homes. Tile is becoming increasingly popular to the millennial crowd due to its eco-friendly aspects and array of design choices. Ann Sacks is an extremely popular designer that we love and is constantly incorporating this trend in her designs.

eco friendly options

Eco-Friendly Interior Design Trend

Manufacturer’s are really looking for ways to go greener with their products. Whether it be starting at the beginning, where products are sourced and selected from, down to what adhesives and materials are used at the end. We love this trend because sustainability is key, in every business, but especially in flooring where we’re using these beautiful, natural resources. Many flooring manufacturer’s such as Mohawk Flooring, Shaw Floors, and Armstrong Flooring have committed to reducing energy, water, gas and waste, and instead source from more raw materials. It is so important for the largest flooring manufacturer’s in the United States to reduce their carbon footprint.

Neutral mixed with textures is one of the most popular interior design trends we’ve seen!

One of our absolute favorite trends this year is neutrals. The projects we get to be a part of that have tons of color on the floors and walls are SO fun, and they really challenge our creative side. But the neutral trend, to us, feels like simplicity. Neutrals are very underrated because many think they make a space look bland. We think they make spaces feel expansive, and available to add in your own personal touch with curtains, furniture and accent walls. Working with what you have, combining statement pieces with softness and natural textures really creates a timeless vibe. We love seeing spaces that have such natural, timeless vibes that anybody could see themselves living there.

neutral decor
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